Bland träden, vid slutet av våra händer

Solo exhibition project from 2021, wood cuts and video

The show “Bland träden, vid slutet av våra händer” (transl: “Amongst the trees, at the end of our hands”) centres around our perception of and relationship to the forest. It is structured around a simple idea: The artist has asked her father, a small-scale forest owner, to use his tools to help her make art.

It was shown at Stallängan, Österbybruks herrgård, Sweden, during August 2021.


Tony Johansson's family have lived in Borlänge for centuries, and like his father before him Tony has an active relationship with the forest. Nina Edling films him when he produces slabs and planks from timber he has taken from the local woods. She inks the slabs and arranges them on large printmaking papers. Tony finishes the process by driving over them with his forestry tractor, thus creating a print. During the work process the artist talks to her father about his views on forest management.

Nina Edling wants to shine a light on how closely connected terms like forest and family can be, and she contemplates on how our fathers can be there for us and how they help shape us. The relationship between father and daughter is in the spotlight when Tony Johansson patiently helps his daughter to create art.


The show is part of the interregional art project Skogen mellan oss (The Forest Between Us), run by Konstfrämjandet Uppland together with Folkrörelsernas konstfrämjande and five more Konstfrämjande districts in Mid Sweden.


Below: A selection from the wood cut series “Bland träden” 1-16, 2021, width variable, height 82cm


Below: Video “Bland träden, vid slutet av våra händer” 7min


Below: Video “Skogen - Ett samtal med Tony Johansson” 13min


Below: The wood cuts “Vid slutet av våra händer” 1-5, 2021, width 125cm, height 200-240cm






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