Off and on

The offering

The red sun

Do not eat our bread, let our tears be



"My art is about the tension between the human body and her emotions, how hard it can be to separate them, and about the fear of losing control."



Björn (Stages of disappearance)

The assuming works

Jag stod stilla

Scream as much as you can

Mental capacities

In an instant

Human without hands

She could not handle herself

Where do I end up?


Square & I

We seek to

The slightly changed things

The gap project

Jag gjorde ingenting

The word project

The way it ought to go

Look at it



This is a selection, and in most cases the art works are available for purchase and consignment. Contact me for more info.

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The photograps are taken by me if nothing else is stated. It's ok to spread the images but please link back and credit the photographer.

For commercial use of my images, see Bildupphovsrätt for prices.