Sunset / Dusk

Up and Down

Against me



With the help of wood cut and meetings between shapes and words, Nina Edling creates art works that touches on the human being’s inherent contradictions and tensions; weakness, body, and the irrational flows of feelings.

The art works often carries traces of experience and self-examination, and they are steeped in an enigmatic and sometimes rather absurd atmosphere.



Bland träden, vid slutet av våra händer

Off and On

The Red Sun

Do Not Eat Our Bread, Let Our Tears Be



“Setting a goal I know I will miss, searching for the compelling and painstakingly, step by step, getting nearer to elusive nuances. That has become my strategy. I’m interested in bodies as shapes and bearers of meaning. It’s a never-ending search for something in the lines and the weight, as well as the relationship between shapes.

I’m also fascinated by irrational behaviour, the mortally unimportant but yet desperately important, the language between humans, and the body that is not firstly human but something beyond.”



Björn (Stages of Disappearance)

The Assuming Works

I Stood Still

Scream As Much As You Can

Mental Capacities

In an Instant

Human Without Hands

She Could Not Handle Herself

The Offering

Square & I

We Seek To

The Slightly Changed Things

The Gap Project




I Did Nothing At All

The Red Sun, no 5, 6




Scenario I



This is a selection, and in most cases the art works are available for purchase and consignment. Contact me for more info.

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