Scenario I

Photopolymer based on woodcut, 8x7.5cm, 2019
Edition: 390

The small print Scenario I is the 2020 gifted artwork for the members of Dalarna's Art Association. It is a cutout from a much larger woodcut, Mental Capacities, where two figures are relating to each other. I have chosen a part of the motive, shrunken and reprinted it using photopolymer. This "double printing" using both woodcut and photopolymer gives a beautiful line with a somewhat blurred feeling. I'm fond of re-purposing artworks like this, as it enables a different reading.

The new artwork is now only depicting the head and shoulders of one of the figures, especially her exposed neck. I am intrigued by necks, it's a vulnerable body part full of symbolism. The bent neck signals submissions, but the woman stays in command. The neck line leads up to the rolled up hair, which could stand for integrity and strength.